With series champion KTM rider Kailub Russell and Rockstar Husqvarna rider Thad Duvall out with injury we were guaranteed a new winner at the final round. Rockstar Husqvarna riders Ryan Sipes and Josh Strang battled it out for the hole shot. Sipes would narrowly edge out Strang but would go backwards from there. Strang would would run up front all day and finish second in the XC-1 class but get passed by eventual XC-2 class winner KTMs Josh Toth for second overall. JCR Honda rider Trevor Bollinger finished third in the XC-1 class and just off the overall podium in fourth place.

Photo: Darrin Chapman

Strang and Sipes banging bars off the start.

Photo: Darrin Chapman

Steward Baylor does his best Brian Deegan impression after cross the line victorious at this years Ironman GNCC.

Photo: Darrin Chapman

Fresh off winning the 2018 Full Gas Sprint Enduro championship Josh Strang ran up front all day on his Rockstar Husqvarna but couldn’t match Baylor’s speed.

Photo: Darrin Chapman

Trevor Bollinger put his JCR Honda on the XC-1 podium in third.

Photo: Darrin Chapman

Josh Toth and Ben Kelly have been literally this close all season long in the XC-2 class. The final round at the Ironman Raceway would be no different. They battled hard most the race until Kelly had an issue. Toth would work his way from the second line all the way onto the overall podium in second place. Kelly might have lost the battle to Toth but would claim the 2018 XC-2 series championship.

Photo: Darrin Chapman

Ironman Overall Results
1. Steward Baylor Jr., KTM

2. Josh Toth, KTM

3. Josh Strang, HQV

4. Trevor Bollinger, HON

5. Ben Kelley, KTM

XC1 Open Pro Results
1. Steward Baylor Jr., KTM

2. Josh Strang, HQV

3. Trevor Bollinger, HON

XC2 250 Pro Results
1. Ben Kelley, KTM

2. Josh Toth, KTM

3. Mike Witkowski, BET

 Overall Championship Standings
1. Kailub Russell, 7 wins, 297 points

2. Thad DuVall, 4 wins, 262

3. Steward Baylor Jr., 1 win, 219

 XC2 250 Pro Standings
1. Ben Kelley, 6 wins, 323 points

2. Josh Toth, 6 wins, 305

3. Craig DeLong, 199

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