The new 2018 Beta RR-S Dual Sport models have been updated significantly to continue the reputation as being the most rideable motorcycles on the market. Beginning in 2017, the new RR-S line combined the performance of the 4 stroke off road RR model with the street license plate of the RS to form a dual sport model that is capable of everything from a casual cow trail ride to a competitive Hare Scramble or Enduro. The RR-S full size range continues their reputation of offering the most “Rideability” with four different displacements to cater to all riders including 350, 390, 430, and 500cc.   
A whopping 8.7 lbs. has been reduced from all four models for 2018. Along with this weight savings, a new clutch system has been developed for smoother operation and less drag. A new slimmer clutch cover has been added to compliment the new clutch.
A new shifting star wheel and detent system has been added to eliminate any mis-shifts while offering a smoother transition between gears. The electric start system has been improved to the extent that a back up starter (or the weight that goes with it) is no longer needed. The Beta engineer’s however left the engine cases alone for those who wish to purchase the back up kick start system as an option.   
The RR-S models also receive many chassis updates to improve handling including a new frame with more rigidity, new front fork slider to further reduce friction, new rear shock settings, and new turn signals that are more durable. The thermostat design has also been updated for more durability as well.
All these updates are finished off with new graphics. Prices are the same as 2017 with no increase!
  • All New clutch: A total overhaul has developed a more compact and lighter weight clutch that improves its feel, precision, and stability as operating temperatures change. This new system provides more progression in clutch feel that allows for better control overall, making the tough lines even more graceful. Smaller, more compact clutch cover has been installed.
  • Elimination of the kick-start: the incredible work put into making the electric starter more reliable has allowed the kick-start lever to be removed, significantly reducing weight. Given the engine design, a kick-start can still be ordered as an option.
  • New gear change system: updated star wheel and detent mechanism improves the precision of the transmission eliminating any possible uncertainties when shifting gears.
  • New Chassis The front-end has been completely redesigned enabling an increase in the flexural and torsional rigidity characteristics compared to previous versions and with a notable reduction in weight thanks to an improved structural layout. This generates a consistent improvement in handling and riding precision.
  • Fork with a new slider: though also lighter in weight, this was developed to increase rigidity and reduce friction. Settings have been specifically calibrated to suit the demands of the new chassis.
  • Stronger, better designed turn signals
  • Improved thermostat for improved durability
  • New rear shock settings: adapted for the demands of the 2018 version chassis.
  • Takasago Excel rims: with a new black finish specifically designed for Beta.
  • New colors and graphics: stunning white plastic with red frame sets the bike apart from the competition.
Standard features of the RR-S Models:
  • Trail Tech Voyager GPS with navigation, engine & outside temperature, ability to download trail routes, hours, mileage, trip meter, and much more.
  • Fuel injected, dual overhead cam 4-stroke engine
  • Cooling fan kit
  • Off-road Michelin tires offer excellent traction in all conditions
  • Plastic skid plate and hand guards
  • Full linkage rear suspension
  • Quiet muffler w/spark arrestor
  • Off-Road-spec engine and suspension package
  • Fold down mirrors for trails
  • Tool storage behind left side number plate
  • Low, 36.6″ seat height with built in grab handles
  • Available to order through Beta’s BYOB custom program with more than 400 accessories to choose from.

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