2014 YAMAHA YZ250F


Front fender and front numberplate are about the only two things Yamaha didn’t change on the 2014 YZ250F. The all-new layout of the seat, fuel tank, air box, and wrap-around exhaust system moves the bike’s mass towards the center for improved handling. In addition to all-new design lines, the front intake layout has a larger air filter element for reduced air filter maintenance and is positioned away from dirt, roost of the rear wheel. The 2014 Yamaha YZ250F will be available in blue and white versions.

Yamaha all new YZ250F liquid-cooled, DOHC 4-valve, fuel-injected engine features the same forward-positioned, straight intake, rear-inclined cylinder, and rear-positioned exhaust layout as the YZ450F. The new engine has more horsepower than the 2013 YZ250F, predominantly in the mid-to-top rpm range.


The newly designed aluminum Bilateral Beam frame has roughly the same dimensions as the 2013 for a compact, light and solid chassis feel. The subframe layout is shorter and lighter contributing to the centralization of mass for improved handling.


The exhaust pipe has an new layout, circling the cylinder, giving the exhaust pipe proper length. At the same time, the exhaust pipe has three different diameters throughout the exhaust tract, bringing out improved power characteristics. This new layout allows the silencer to be positioned 190mm further forward, behind the side panel, making it closer to the middle of the bikes increased centralized mass.


With all the radical changes for 2014 Yamaha wanted the YZ250F to maintain thin comfortable feel of the 2013 model.

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