On this week’s Two-Stroke Tuesday we take a look back at a 2013 Yamaha YZ144 project built as part of a three bike story. This thing was a blast to ride and at the time turned a lot of heads. We have products from Nihilo Concepts and Thunder Products featured in 2-Stroke Hardware while 2-Stroke Theater features our 125cc shootout from a couple years back. Yamaha 2-Stroke lovers don’t mis the exclusive link at the bottom of this post!!!!

he major change that is visible to the eye was the installation of the white UFO Yamaha two-stroke restyle kit. UFO’s restyle kit bolts right up to all the existing mounting spots, so no drilling or cutting is involved. The kit gave our YZ125 a look similar to the 2012 YZ250F. The front fender, front number plate and rear fenders are almost identical. The radiator shrouds and side number plates have a YZ250F styling hint without going overboard. Dirt Digits Graphics made the kit flow, and the white SDG seat took the style factor to an entirely different level.

Applied Racing’s new R/S triple clamp set gave us the option of running rubber- or solid-mounted bars with loads of adjustability.

A Pro Circuit factory-finished pipe and 304 shorty silencer helped our YZ144 with those extra ponies on the mid- to top-end pull. We installed a complete Hinson billet clutch that included a clutch basket with a kickstarter gear, an inner hub, a pressure plate, fiber plates, steel plates and springs.

We installed an Athena 144 big-bore kit that included a brand-new nickel-carbide-plated cylinder (with enlarged water passages), cylinder head, 58mm Vertex piston with rings, pins, clips, gaskets, modified power valves, O-rings and complete instructions. Best of all, it fits all 2005–’12 Yamaha YZ125 models

ARC folding levers and adjustable clutch perch are a great addition to any 2-stroke build.

Darren Hoeft has been a test rider at DB since the early ’90s and can still twist the throttle with the best of them. This bike was one piece of a three bike story called “The Three Amigos”. more on that later.

Even though the YZ125 has had a long run without big changes, it’s still considered the best 125 motocross bike. It might not have the sheer power of the KTM, but its suspension and handling are still stellar. When you talk about two-strokes, it’s hard to mention the 125 without cracking a smile—they are just flat out fun to ride! 




The Nihilo Concepts Carbon Fiber Skid Plate is hand-made from 100% resin infused Carbon Fiber for durability and strength without adding a bunch of weight. Molded around the frame tubing the Nihilo glide plate is designed to become with the machine.
Contact: www.nihiloconcepts.com


The Torque Wing from Thunder Products is designed with vertical and horizontal air flow stabilizers to increase air flow, air velocity, and fuel atomization, thereby increasing performance. Made in the USA this out of laser cut stainless steel and now available for 300cc TPI two-stroke models.
Contact: www.thunderproducts.com


Check out this Yamaha 2-Stroke build!

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