2013 WORCS Program Update

2013 WORCS Program Update
Hello all,

I wanted to fill you in on some great news for 2013. First I want to welcome two new sponsors; Hi-Torque Publications and Galfer Brakes.  Each of these sponsors will play a very important role in our future and our aggressive direction for 2013 along with your support. The upcoming changes will make our events the biggest on the West coast (even on a bad day), while making it more of a carnival type atmosphere for everyone. All WORCS Super Events over the past two years have had no less than 1600 entries and just over 6,000 people pass through the gate over the weekend.  It also reduces sponsor expense while increasing sponsor exposure through higher individual weekend turnout and a vastly increased presence in the top 4 magazines in our industry Dirt Bike, MXA, Dirt Wheels and ATV/UTV Action. This is all while continuing our strong event coverage in Cycle News and the popular Spencer Robert video productions.  


The presenting series sponsor for the next two years is Hi-Torque. Each individual magazine will have it’s place. For example, the motorcycle series will be presented by Dirt Bike and MXA. The ATV/SxS series will be presented by Dirt Wheels and ATV/UTV Action. This is a long term partnership for WORCS and Hi-Torque which you will see the fruits of beginning in the November issues this year. More specialty coverage for WORCS as well as a full page ad in each mag for the term of the partnership which is at least 2 full years. Combined that is over 200,000 eyes per month.


Super Events. These events in 2013 will be a merging of the two WORCS programs. Motorcycle, ATV /SxS. The Super Event weekend will consist of 3 days of action. On Friday the practice will be organized and run most of the day with an unclassified late in the afternoon. Saturday and Sunday will be all day racing. Each program will have a lot of unique track to ride and will share some as well.  Round 1 and 3 will be individual events due to opening round locations size and the Lake Havasu location can not handle more demand. 

The number of rounds will be no more than 10 starting in January. Our obvious considerations of not conflicting with Enduro Cross and other programs will be made much easier within this new program.

An all out focus on the amateur racer is becoming more evident with our Amateur race videos under our production hosted on our new home page and some that are currently in production now to push 2013. 

There will be one pro bike race in 2013 each weekend and it will be a 2 hour event. No more two pro races per weekend.

The Pro bike gate will be full in 2013 as we will merge the two classes of Pro and Pro 2 for the starts. Pro 2 will be scored in the overall as well as in their Pro 2 Championship. The Pro 2 lights class will remain on separate start gate

Currently we have 3 new race locations in 2013 over 2012. We will return to Honey Lake, Canyon Raceway in Phoenix and Sand Hollow State Park in Southern Utah. Each of these is considered off road type locations and will promote that theme for WORCS. Sand Hollow has to be the most exciting since it is really a trifecta with Sand Dunes, Slick Rock and a great lake that we will park next to. Sand Hollow had been the site of many new bike press launches.

There a some minor details on some items but this is the general plan for 2013. We should have a full schedule by October. Thanks for your time and support of WORCS Racing. See you in 2013. 

Sean Reddish

Off Road Sports LLC.

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