After Marvin Musquin’s victory in the 2019 Indianapolis 450 Supercross main event, some things have changed, some things haven’t. One dynamic remains clear: Cooper can’t relax yet. He can’t clinch the championship without beating Musquin in the remaining six rounds.

Marvin Musquin finally got a holeshot in the main. Simon Cudby photo.

Marvin Musqin quotes: “Tonight to get a holeshot was super important. It was time … I haven’t been in that position in a while. Right now I’m looking forward to next weekend and doing the same thing … I’m in the rhythm of racing every week now … I’m going in the right direction. I’ll keep charging … When you win a couple of times in the same stadium you love it. Coming into the weekend I was happy to be here. I like the dirt. It’s rutted and real technical. I think last year it was even softer … So maybe it’s time to win … It was a long main and I started looking at the time, and there was maybe 5 to go. I knew they were charging right behind me. My whoops were pretty clean, but I wasn’t sure if it was the best way, what I was doing … I was charging, but I was not able to ride the way I wanted to. I wanted to be clean and not make mistakes … It feels good to get it done. It’s been a long time coming. There have been nights where my speed was really good, but I didn’t make it happen off the start.”

Blake Baggett Quotes: “This track was busy and tight and there was one line. If someone was there, you could try to go around but we’re all racing the same track. I gotta give it up to Marv … At the end, I wanted to pass you Marv, sorry (laughs) and I didn’t want you to pass me, Coop. The track was getting  bad. I was trying to hit my marks but I didn’t hit the same six inches one lap out of the 26 or 25 laps.  I was all over the map. By that point we were going for it but you weren’t going to try to put it in the net.”

Cooper Webb Quotes: During the week, obviously me and Marv are riding together, so it’s good to see it translate to raceday … It’s been awesome after the last few years of not doing too well. It’s been great, sort of surpassing my expectations. Obviously the goal has changed now, with the championship. I feel like I’ve been strong every weekend, so I just want to keep it going … I stalled and took some time to get going. I rolled the triple, but I put my head down and saw that those guys were charging hard. I had a moment going into the bails and actually somehow passed Eli there. A little bit of a wild ride. It was a good charge, got right up to the pack. I just ended up third … A podium sweep for KTM once again is nice, I’ll take it! For me, it was a tough race. I didn’t get the best start so I had to make some passes and then I stalled the bike and lost a couple positions. I was pretty bummed on that because I felt like I was in a good position to win. It wasn’t my best Main Event, so I was pumped to still get third with it.”

Standings 450SX Class 2019 after 11 of 17 rounds
1. Webb, 243
2. Musquin, 229
3. Tomac, 222
4. Ken Roczen, 216
5. Baggett, 184

Austin Forkner quotes: “I have been really confident with my starts that it didn’t matter my gate pick … No matter where I was, I was going to get to the first turn first. I was side by side with someone and made the pass stick right away. It helped me ride really smooth laps, which I wasn’t able to do in my heat races. I’m thankful I was able to ride my own race and not have to get too crazy. I’m thankful that I get some time to not have to travel and get better to close out the season.”

Chase Sexton: “This was my closest race to Illinois where I’m from. It’s cool to have everyone here, but last year this was my worst race. I DNFed. It wasn’t hard to go up from there. It felt good to get a heat win . I wish I could have put on more of a show in the main event, but it’s cool to have all my friends here. It’s a cool stadium too. I think this is one of the biggest ones we’ve been to.”

Justin Cooper  quotes:  “I had a good off-season so things are going pretty smooth for me right now. I had one race coming into this season, so this is valuable experience for me moving forward and learning each weekend. Tonight wasn’t he easiest night for me, but I felt like I rode really good. ”

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250SX Class Eastern Region Points Standings
1. Austin Forkner, 151
2. Chase Sexton, 125
3. Justin Cooper, 123
4. Alex Martin, 92
5. Martin Davalos, 89


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