Husqvarna just unveiled a new prototype motocross model that is based on the BMW 450 motor. It was no real secret that this machine was in the works. BMW had made such an announcement months ago, but this is the first public viewing of the bike and it is said to be the basis of a 2011 offering.
      This is the first outward sign of unity between Husqvarna and BMW, aside from the rather obvious revitalization of the Husky name. The fact that both companies had seemingly competing models in the 450 class was a bit of a head scratcher. But now it’s clear that the company sees the BMW powerplant as the future. In a recent visit to the factory, we saw outward signs that the new Husky 250F motor is undergoing development while there seemed to be little effort on the original 450 and 510 husky engines.
      The new bike retains the BMW’s most distinctive features: the countershaft location (on the swingarm pivot) and the crank-mounted clutch. The new bike is fuel injected, of course, and the gas tank is located where the carb would be. The chassis is completely different and looks much more compact. This model uses linkage to operate the shock.
      The fact that this first model was presented as a motocross bike is somewhat interesting. It will probably be some time before we see it in World Enduro competition because currently Antoine Meo and Juha Salminen are doing quite well on their existing bikes, (Husky and BMW, respectively).
      The new bike will probably debut as a late 2011 model and will carry the Husky name, while the development of the BMW follows its own path.
Antione Meo gives the new BMW-powered Husky its first public workout.

The linkage for the Husky chassis is quite different from anything else on the market.

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