2011 AMA/ Kenda National Hare & Hound Championship Series Round 1 is Here!



The NHHA is set to have another record breaking season as Round 1, hosted by Desert MC, is just a week away.  Here is the skinny on everything that you need to know about the racers and the series for the year to come.


Numbers –

The press release on numbers has already been sent out, but just in case you  weren’t sure if you earned yourself an A class number or not, look to www.NationalHareandHound.com for the answer.  If you didn’t earn your number, or you’re in a class that doesn’t earn a number, (either the B or C classes) – here’s what you need to know

The numbers have arrived and are boxed and ready to distribute at Round 1 at sign-ups.  They are a pre-printed Dirt Digit number, approx the size of your front number plate, and will be distributed on a first come, first served basis.  The cost for the numbers are $5 each (Cash or Check accepted-NO CREDIT), and will be good for the entire season.  Each number will only be issued once, so if you don’t return with it you need to purchase a new number.   So go get yourself a new front number plate if you’re looking to keep it for the whole season on its own clean plate.

Once you have your assigned number, #N??? it can be converted into a pre printed background ( i.e. Dirt Digits, ZLT, RidePG etc…) granted it meets the NHHA numbering guidelines, which will be attached to your original number.  Riders who purchase the NHHA number will be eligible for a $5 refund from Dirt Digits if you choose to move forward and have pre-printed backgrounds for your bike.   

Pie plate photo                                              

For more info on the numbering program, contact Ryan Sanders/ Chris Blais or visit www.NationalHareandHound.com

Pick up your Trophies!

Both clubs, SoCal MC and The 100’s MC, have trophies ready for pickup. Stop by their pits and pick up your 2010 trophies so that they don’t have to lug them around all year. Here is a preview of the So Cal trophy.  They turned out awesome.  Don’t be without yours next weekend!

 So cal trophy




Round 1 Give-a-Ways!

Round 1 is next weekend, and we have many items to give away.  We’re starting things off with Holeshot Awards to the B, C, and ATV Class Holeshot winners – each of which will receive a $100 TBT Racing Gift Certificate.  Next, we’ve dug deep into the pockets of our sponsors, and will be awarding one free pair of Alpinestar Tech 8 Boots to the First Overall 2-loop B Class finisher here at Round 1.

The first 2-loop C Class finisher will get a set of Dirt Tricks Iron Man Sprockets,  which should be delivered just in time to have a gearing change ready for the El Centro round in March.

Thanks to Fasst Company, the first overall ATV at the finish line will take home a pair of Flexx Handlebars!  If this racer is in the A Class, he/she will be the first NHHA Quad Pro Support Class winner!

First Overall 60+ class racer will win a 50% off Single Item Coupon from the guys up in Idaho with Fastway/ Pro Moto BIllet.  That means the top kickstand on the market is only going to cost about $70 bucks!  . Also in the mix for PMB 50% off Cards are the first overall A/B class 2-loop Woman racer, and first overall 1-loop C- Class Woman Racer.  So the girls will also have a chance to spice up the look on their bikes with the New Pro Moto Billet handguards, or pick from a whole slew of available products.

BRP has stepped up for round one as well, and the first overall 250cc bike to finish 3-loops will take home a brand new BRP Triple Clamp Setup.  2 Free BRP Chain Guide certificates will also be handed out to some lucky riders.

If those prizes aren’t enough to get you excited about racing, we have one of the most generous contingency programs in the country and each class winner will take home an envelope full of contingency certificates that they can use to prepare for Round  2.  (Class winners will be e-mailed their  winning certificates for all the contingency sponsors so be sure to write your e-mail address on your entry form.)  www.NationalHareandHound.com

Also, each of the major OEM manufacturers are giving contingency cash for wins on their respective machines; Honda, KTM, Kawasaki, & Husqvarna.

Who’s Riding What?

Now to the part that you all want to know about – who’s riding what color bikes this year.  Here is a brief rundown of what bikes you can expect your favorite riders to be running for 2011, and there might be a couple surprises!

Kendall Norman– He’s at home on the Honda and will probably spend the rest of his career riding for JCR.

David Kamo– He’s made a move and will now be on board a Zip-Ty Husqvarna for 2011 along with teammate, Nick Burson

David Pearson– He’s also made the move and will be on a new privateer Purvines Racing Honda team, and he’s bringing along teammate Carl Maasberg, both of which are fresh off of their win at the Parker 250.

Destry Abbott– Des is still on the green bike, and will be the stronghold and lone Factory Kawasaki Desert Racer.

Jacob Argubright– With a whole list of new sponsors, Jacob Argubright will be running a WHITE Kawasaki 450 riding for team Off Road Support again in 2011.

Justin Imhof– Although he isn’t expected to be riding for a while, Imhof will be somewhere in the pits cheering on JCR teammates Kendall Norman and Quinn Cody.

Quinn Cody– Brother of Anna Cody (below), Quinn will return from the Dakar Rally just in time for the start of the NHHA Season. He will ride with Imhof and Norman at JCR Honda.

Kurt Caselli– That’s right, Special K is racing the National Hare and Hound series! And of course he is doing it on his new KTM 450.

Justin Morrow/Ryan Kudla/Brett Saunders– These guys are all staying true to the company that helped them through the amateur ranks and are all returning on Kawasaki’s for 2011.

Ryan Smith– He is perhaps one of the new comers to the mix here, but he stepped up to a 250, and already has finished Top 6 once this year, taking the 250 class win in doing so.

Cameron Corfman– Riding for Threat Racing, Cameron will hold down the fort for team Beta.

Paul Krause– Paul will be the stronghold in the Over 30+ Pro Support Class, returning this year on the Malcolm Smith Motorsports/PK Racing KTM.

Joanna Kaczmarek– Joanna returns for her second year as #N1L and looks to defend her title on the Parts Magazine KTM200.

Shayla Fulfer– The Idaho native will be running #N2L and plans to run the whole season on a Blais Racing Services KTM250F along with Kevin DeJongh on his KTM 250XC.

Sarah Kritsch– Last year Sarah made the move to the 250cc bike, and this year after having a taste of NHHA victory in 2010, she makes the move to the NHHA series full-time!

Anna Cody– One of the fastest woman racers in the country, the Baja Champ and past NHHA Champ with several #1’s earned, she will be on board a Honda for the 2011 season.

Kyle Penner– The reigning NHHA ATV Champ, Penner returns this year looking to hold on to his National Championship for a third season in a row!

Robert Rubin- Bobby won the District 37 ATV Championship last year, so he’s back to defend that, while having a shot at the NHHA Pro Class Championship.

Robin Fawcett– Robin is returning to the AMA Desert Arena for the first time in a couple years.  At one point a strong hold in the D37 community, Fawcett is back and wants his piece of the NHHA pot.

Bill Markel– Bill came to an NHHA event on a dare by the wife of series manager Chris Blais, Patty knew that this guy would be hooked after one round and he was! He wants his shot at the #N1Q plate, and a chance at the Pro Class Championship.

 DMC 2010

Pro Support Class Championship Rules

·         Each of the three Support Class Championships will be run in addition to the NHHA and AMA’s National Championship classes.

·         The support classes shall be: Over 30+ Pro Class, Woman’s Pro Class, and Quad Pro Class.

·         The top ten finishers who qualify for each of the three support classes will earn points towards the Pro Support Class Championships.

·         You do not need to fill out a separate entry form, or pay any additional amount to be eligible for the Pro Support Classes.

·         Points will be awarded on the AMA National Point scale positions 1-10 respectively.

·         Only A-Class riders are eligible for the Pro Support Classes. (woman’s is A/B class)

·         The rider must complete the entire A-Class distance to be eligible for points.

·         Points will be kept on the National Hare and Hound Website, and trophies will be awarded at year end based on the standings.

·         Pro Support Class winners are still eligible for A-Class Contingencies.

·         Current top 10 AMA/NHHA Pro riders are not eligible for any of the Pro Support Classes.

NHHA 2011 Calendars

The NHHA 2011 calendars have arrived, and will be for sale at round one for $20 each. These are high gloss style 2011 calendars featuring the stars of the NHHA.  All proceeds from the sale of the NHHA 2011 calendars will be divided equally between both the Justin Imhof Recovery fund and Riders Helping Riders, a Southern California Based Non-Profit Organization.

New rider informational meeting on Saturday at 4 pm. with Steve Argubright, and Pro Rider poster signing at Sign-Ups on Saturday evening from 5-6 pm. 

Be there Sunday morning as host club, Desert MC, sets the stage for one of the most historic battles in NHHA history.  The banner will drop at 9:30am, so be there or miss out on one of the most exciting Off Road Events on the West Coast!

For more information go to www.NationalHareandHound.com



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