2010 RM-Z450

A racing legend, improved

Two years ago, Suzuki stunned the world with the first fuel-injected motocross racebike. It was more than unique…it was a winner. Around the globe, the RM-Z450 helped racers collect wins and trophies, fiercely competing in venues from the World MX1 series to America’s AMA Supercross championship.

Now the question: Is there any way to improve on this incredible success? Sure there is. But you have to be Suzuki to do it. Take a close look at the 2010 RM-Z450, a thoroughly updated, cutting-edge open-class motocrosser that’s more potent than ever. Across-the-board engine upgrades boost power from awesome to awe-inspiring.
Detailed frame and suspension modifications improve an already sharp-turning racebike. As a reser, you want quick, laser-accurate steering and confidence-inspiring high-speed handling in one package. And you want a high performance machine whose racing pedigree enables it to be competitive right out of the crate? Here is Suzuki’s answer!
When Suzuki introduced the first fuel-injected motocrosser in history, it jumped way ahead of the pack.
With the new 2010 RM-Z450, your competitive advantage just got that much bigger.
High-Quality Showa Suspension
The RM-Z450 employs race-bred, state-of-the-art Showa suspension front and rear. For 2010, both ends of the bike are given suitably revised spring and damping rates—the new rates work together with the chassis’ optimized rigidity balance to improve handling. 47mm inverted forks provide optimum wheel travel and can be adjusted for compression as well as rebound damping for maximum rider adjustability. A Showa piggyback reservoir rear shock offers both high- and low-speed compression damping adjustment along with rebound damping and spring preload adjustments. Working through Suzuki’s superlative rising-rate linkage system—now with revised link-bearing tolerances for precise handling performance—the shock provides 310mm of wheel travel delivering maximum traction.
Chassis Dynamic
Everywhere you look, the RM-Z450’s twin-spar aluminum alloy frame has received detail improvements to optimize rigidity balance. It starts with the head stock, which is now a two-piece design that’s 9mm taller than before. Further back, the sections at the rear of the frame, which are made up of extruded and cast members, are now wider for increased rigidity. More strength comes from a wider upper frame bridge beneath the saddle, while material wall thickness was strategically designed to save weight.
Powered Up!
Suzuki’s engineers have carefully developed the RM-Z450’s powerful 449cm3, DOHC, 4-valve engine to increase power throughout the rev range. Always known for its incredible midrange grunt, the 2010 RM-Z450 also has arm-stretching high-rpm power.
A combination of revised cam profiles and reworked cylinder-head porting give the RM-Z450 amazing idle-to-redline thrust. An improved camchain tensioner provides more consistent performance. Also a modified throttle linkage makes the low-speed response more progressive. How’s that? More power and better manners.

Fuel Injection, Pioneered and Improved
For 2010, the RM-Z450’s electronic fuel injection is improved with a reversed throttle valve movement. Such a simple alteration pays handsomely: The fine fuel-air mist from the 12-hole fuel injector is directed away from the throttle valve for a more uniform mixture producing increased power and enhanced throttle response.

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