Suzuki will be the first major manufacturer to release its 2009 motocross models, with bikes arriving in dealerships mid-summer. There are very few changes to the RM-Z450 and RM-Z250, but that’s not surprising because the 2008 models were released very late in the season last year. The RM-Z450, in particular, arrived so late that it missed the major selling season. The 2009 version will have new centercases that are said to be free of the occasional breakage issue that some owners faced in ’08. In fact, owners of 2008 models can contact their dealers to get the updated centercases for their own bikes.

Suzuki has discontinued the RM250 two-stroke for 2009, marking the end of a competition two-stroke dynasty that started back in 1971 with the TM400 Cyclone.  The RM85L big-wheel has also been axed, but the RM85 with the smaller wheels will be back. Suzuki prices have also been released.
2009 RM-Z450 … $7499

2009 RM-Z250 … $6299

2009 RM85 … $3499

2009 DR-Z400S … $5699
2009 DR-Z400SM … $6299

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