Welcome to Dirt Bike Magazines Thumper Thursday where it’s all about 4-Strokes! This week we are giving you an exclusive first look at our 2007 Honda CRF160R big-bore project with the crew at Cylinderworks. We packed 4-Stroke Theater full of 450cc dual-sports machines and included a head-to-head shootout that you don’t want to miss. At the bottom of this post is a link to our sister publication Motocross Action Magazines Husky FC450 project with the Flying Machine Factory.

This is another machined saved off the world wide web from impending doom. The engine was locked up solid and thats never an easy fix. As you can see we didn’t just do a quick fix on this machine, it was completely rebuilt from the ground up using products from industry leading companies like Wrench Rabbit, Cylinderworks, Supersprox, ODI, TM Designworks, San Diego Powder Coating, Factory Connection , Nihilo Concepts, Dunlop and much more.

A Factory 4.1 complete titanium exhaust saved weight and provides a nice power increase compared to the OEM unit.

The cylinder was trashed so we installed a Cylinderworks 160 kit.

Our drive train overhaul come from Supersprox and we installed TM Designs Factory Edition 2 rear chain guide for some additional durability.

Stay tuned to an upcoming issue of our printed magazine for the complete story on this 2007 Honda CRF160R project. If you want to subscribe to our digital or printed magazine click here!


Check out this Four-Stroke Husky FC450 project from our sister publication Motocross Action Magazine . Click the image below for more information! 


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