A 2006 aluminum framed Honda CR500 two-stroke would have been a very popular conversation piece at Honda dealerships all around the world the mid 2000. Unfortunately Honda never mass produced this unit and there are only a handful of them around today. The one we are looking at today was originally built by Pro Circuit and just might be the only one of its kind.

Pro Circuit originally built this machine back in late 2005 or early 2006 to be raced at the famed Mammoth Mountain Motocross event. The chassis is a 2006 Honda CR250 and the engine was built using parts available at the time through Honda.

Unlike today, the entire engine could be produced through Honda directly. Unfortunately they didn’t have a part number for a complete engine but every part was available individually.

Pro Circuit had a variety of aftermarket items available for Honda two-stroke models back then just like they do for most popular four-stroke models today. Check out these fifteen plus year old triple clamps looking amazing.

Some upgrades have been made since it was first built back in 2006. This billet aluminum front brake from Motostuff is one item added over the years.

A Works connection EZ-Adjust clutch perch is another item that has been upgraded on the built through the years.

This is the same Pro Circuit Exhaust system that was custom fabricated for the bike back in 2006.

Trying to find one of these Pro Circuit clutch covers today is definite tough and the price if one is actually found will be a shock to your wallet for sure.

This machine is now owned by Chris Hymas, yes that is Honda amateur rider Chance Hymas dad. Stayed tuned for a lot more on this bike in an upcoming printed issue of Dirt Bike Magazine and we will be dropping a video on our YouTube channel as well.


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