On this week’s Two-Stroke Tuesday brought to you by Decal Works we give you another Dirt Bike Magazine exclusive first studio look at the 2006 PMX Racing Suzuki RM250 and words straight from the builder himself. 2-Stroke History is all about the RM250 legacy and 2-Stroke Behind The Build this week answers the question “If 250cc is good than 300cc has to be better, right?” You don’t want to miss that!

Builder Shiloh Angues told us the following about the build process.
To go along with the recently built RM125, I wanted to build a 2-stroke dirt bike for myself to compete in the upcoming World 2 Stroke Championships. Never owning or racing a 2-stroke dirt bike I knew I wanted a Suzuki and ended up acquiring a 2006 RM250. The plan was to do a partial build and not go all out however after digging into the 14-year-old machine I started to realize that was not going to be the case.

With this build the plan was to work around the powder coated Flo-Yellow frame and some of the already existing blue accents. We wanted the design to be unique and pay tribute to the Flo-Yellow Suzuki’s that we saw just a few short years ago. Once again, we reached out to Faster USA for the wheel set up, we also had them Vapor Blast and Cerakote various components for the bike build.

The motor was sent to Billspipes in Corona Ca, where Jeff Springman reworked the cylinder to improve on the power delivery and paired it with one of there signature cone look pipes. All of the suspension components were sent over to Lainer Suspension in Winchester CA, where they performed a full tear down, rebuild, custom valving and new springs using their in-house components that are designed by Walter Lolli (Owner) and manufactured to his specification.

You don’t always have to put new items on these types of builds. We smoothed out the casting marks on our 2006 OEM units and had Faster USA do some Cerakote magic on them to match our color scheme .

We installed a complete bike Nickel Wurks bolt on this RM250 project and it’s amazing the difference it made.

Going with the all black plastics we installed a rear carbon fiber looking chain guide, black Excel rims and of course some blue accents around the Sunstar drivetrain.

As all the final components came together, we started to get a full picture on what the graphics for the bike should look like. With that we made the call to Viscid Designs in Murrieta Ca, and collaborated on a kits that pulls in all of the different color elements to make this one unique RM250 build.


The story of the Suzuki RM250 isn’t just about a single motorcycle. It’s about a dynasty of bikes, championships and riders that goes back to a glorious era in the history of motocross. Forty-five years ago, motocross was an obscure European sport. In America, we loved flat track and hill climbing. Even in Europe, road racing was a far more popular sport. No one really saw any future in the cult sport of motocross. No one, that is, besides a group of very insightful people at Suzuki. CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW FOR MORE!



The Yamaha YZ250 is a proven commodity in the two-stroke world and hasn’t seen very many changes to its powerplant since the early to mid 2000s. This is not because the Yamaha engineers are lazy; it’s just because the YZ250 is that good. However, as you know, the Dirt Bike magazine staff just can’t leave well-enough alone. If 250cc is good, then 300cc has got to be better, right? CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW FOR MORE!


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