Pete Treadwell and the Western Power Sports crew are at it again! This retro-themed, early-2000s, steel-framed Yamaha YZ125 was part of the Yamaha of Troy race team and still has the initials “JH-1” (for Josh Hansen) engraved into the engine cases by the swingarm pivot area. The machine was completely rebuilt using industry-leading companies like FMF, Fire Power, ODI Handlebars, and products from the All Balls Racing Group.

Here are a few of the sources where Pete found the parts to roll the clock back.  First of all, All Balls Racing linkage and chassis rebuild kits include all the bearings and seals needed for a complete rebuild. Brand-new Bolt Hardware fasteners are used throughout the build, replacing the old OEM Yamaha hardware. Jeff at SDG made a custom gripper seat cover to match the graphics that features six ribs for additional grip. Acerbis’ all-white complete plastic kits include a front fender, rear fender, side panels, front number plate and lower fork guards.

Fly Racing’s Gator footpegs feature a unique arched design allowing for a wider footbed. This design lets the foot roll on the arched cleats while shifting or breaking so you stay in contact with more of the peg instead of just the edges. The FMF Fatty Platinum pipe and Shorty silencer are designed to give the YZ125 horsepower gains throughout the powerband. The all-new Starcross 6 from Michelin features Adaptive Design technology, offering a balance of grip and handling for the front tire, and grip/traction and longevity for the rear due to specific positioning of the central, intermediate and lateral tread blocks in the three key zones of the tire.

The Fly Racing rear sprocket is constructed out of 7075 aluminum, is CNC-machined for light weight and durability, and utilizing a unique self-cleaning tooth design to keep them free of mud and debris. Available in an anodized finish with silver highlights and made in the USA.
Works Connection makes a variety of products for the Yamaha YZ125 two-stroke, including radiator guards, brake caps, axle blocks and Elite clutch perch assembly that makes adjustments on the fly a breeze.
Turner wheelsets are constructed with precision-built hubs made from extruded-billet, 6061, T6 heat-treated aluminum. The rim is made with 7075 aluminum, and T6 heat-treated with SKF bearings, Swedish-made stainless-steel spokes paired with high-strength brass nipples.
ODI Podium handlebars feature controlled flex technology with a rubber elastomer in the crossbar, allowing flex at a controlled rate to reduce shock/energy transfer to the rider. Treadwell also installed the soft-white ODI lock-on half-waffle grips to protect his girlie-soft hands

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