We first introduced you to Charles Lytle from mXrevival a couple of years ago when he started building our “T1000”  CR250 and “Ping-King” CR500 machines. Well, he is back with the “Thndrcrakr” YZ250. This bike was one of his frequent giveaways, which was awarded on April 1, 2022. It was NOT an April Fools gag; it really was given away. Austin Buell of Idaho was the lucky  winner.

1. Traction MX made a custom seat cover matched to the Thndrcrakr theme of the bike.

2.  Sano Metal Finishing coated many items in Glock Grey and Armor Black Cerakote, and REM super-finished the transmission.

3. The RTech Plastics Revolution tank and shrouds were teamed up with an OEM rear and special white airbox sides

4. Zero Resistance’s throttle tube is designed with a dual-bearing system for performance and durability.

5. AHM factory services handled the suspension needs, RMZ gold-coated the fork tubes and DLC-coated the lowers and a rebuild to MX specs.
6. Haeseker Racing Engines balanced the crank and assembled the engine with lots of TLC.

7. SM Pro Platinum’s custom wheelset features commemorative, custom laser-etched hubs

8. Keeping the Thndrcrakr engine cool internally is Evans Waterless Coolant with its extremely high boiling point.

Charles worked with Ron Joint and his crew at Decal Works to come up with a Thndrcrakr-themed custom graphics kit that tied the build together. The graphics, seat cover, handlebar pad, specialty coatings and key industry-leading companies made the mXrevival Thndrcrakr YZ250 build come to life.
Jason at Phoenix Handlebars always puts his heart and soul into everything, no matter how small the task. The Thndrcrakr is equipped with 118 bars and grips, and the custom bar pad is next level!
Although custom-parts printing is not really common in the moto industry, 3DP Moto is changing that with custom 3D-printed brake-line guides and custom swingarm plugs.
Lectron Fuel Systems’ all-new Billetron carburetor features a new bore, bell and slide design that maximizes airflow and throttle response across all throttle positions. Industry-standard Metric hardware is used throughout and OEM throttle-cable compatibility for most two-stroke applications for user-friendly installation.
Bolt Motorcycle Hardware’s Pro Packs, engine fastener kit, axle adjusters and tank hardware. Phathead Racing’s custom RMZ gold-anodized head with a removable dome and is laser-etched. Haeseker Racing Engines’ crank balancing, engine assembly and additional zinc plating.

Austin Buell is the new owner of the Thndrcrakr.


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