Why is this man smiling? Because he?s holding up a 150-pound dirt bike. Gas Gas?s newest steel frame trials bike is the current light-weight champion.

Have you ever noticed that virtually all of the aftermarket clamps are heavier than stock? So did an Italian company called WRP. These titanium clamps are 40% lighter than stock. Ready for the price? $2000! Contact 909-608-0082

Thor?s latest helmet is a full Pro Circuit replica and it?s one of the lightest things you can have on or in your head.

Terry Davis (of Terrycable and father-of-Ty fame) got tired of buying new plastic, so he started experimenting with different chemicals to get the shine back. Plasti-Coat is what he came up with. A can will sell for about $24.

Ever see a carb like that before? No one has. The new Gas Gas 400 four-stroke is fully fuel-injected. Expect very few models to make it to the U.S. for 2002. More will follow.

We?ve seen this bike before, at least in pictures. Once a year or so we get a glimpse of a Gas Gas four-stroke, but they never quite make it into full-production. With a new, bigger factory in Spain, expect Gas Gas to become more and more common.

Fly is making a bigger and bigger impact all the time. This year, former National Hare & Hound Champ Brian Brown signed up to wear the gear. The Fly Helmet will retail for under $150.

Kevin Hines is still up to his carbon-fiber tricks. Is latest one is this Honda CRF pipe guard. It should retail for about $90.

Have trouble stalling your CRF? Terrycable now has a bolt-on 8-oz flywheel. There just isn?t room in the Honda cases for much more.

Cannondale is back. Or, more accurately, it never left. The new Cross-Country model is ready. It?s 10-pounds lighter, has a reconfigured fuel-injection system and an air filter that?s now in the normal location.


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