On this week’s Two-Stroke Tuesday brought to you by Decal Works we unveil our latest 2002 Honda CR250R project with the crew at Wrench Rabbit. 2-Stroke Theater is packed with premix burning machines for your viewing pleasure and don’t miss the exclusive link to an insane KX250 build at the bottom of this post.

The CR250R has got to be the most popular two-stroke to rebuild at the moment. On this build we used industry leading companies like Wrench Rabbit, Dunlop, Decal Works, Works Connection, FMF, ODI, Supersprox, Mototassinari and a host of others.

ARC folding levers are a great addition to any build and can be the difference between a long day of riding fun or a day ending with a broken lever.

The engine was Vapor blasted on the outside and completely rebuilt using a kit from Wrench Rabbit bringing it back to life.

A Works Connection hour meter is a great way to stay on top of regular maintenance and the convenient mounting location right above the gas cap is perfect.

ODI lock-on grips fit just about any two-stroke full size bike made and are available in a variety of colors and styles.

ICW brought the mangled stock radiators back to life and gave them a little extra strength via some new bracing.

FMF Gold series pipe , Hinson Racing complete clutch and a repaired cylinder from Millennium Technologies helped transform the CR250R power plant.

It’s always a shock to see the finished product sitting on a stand in the studio. They come so far from when we first pick them up. The other thing we like about having these projects in the studio is we are getting closer to riding it! Stay tuned for more this is just the beginning of testing.


If you like the two-stroke rebuild on this week’s post check out this Kawasaki KX250 rebuild we did a few years ago. Click the image below for more information.

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