In almost any sport you participate, whether it is biking, golf, tennis, etc, the equipment involved can come in different shapes and sizes to suit the athlete. Motocross and Enduro bikes are far less accommodating.

2Tall Racing has designed, tested and manufactured along with devising a formula to build bolt on kits for KTM (Husqvarna coming soon)  motorcycles to fit taller riders. The kits include machined parts that raise the sub frame, fuel tank and handlebars on a current KTM to fit pilots who are taller (usually 6’1″ and above).



If you take all of the motocross or enduro bikes in production whether it be produced in Japan or Europe, you would notice that every single one of them have been developed ergonomically to fit a rider of 1.75cm or 5’9ft in height. This is done to suit the American market which is the biggest market in the world for off road bikes. So why don’t these manufactures build motorcycles to fit the needs of taller riders? The answer to this question comes down to money. The cost of producing off road motorcycles for taller riders is simply too high.

– Average height of AMA 450 champions in the past decade:

  • 2013: Ryan Villopoto (173cm/5’8″)
  • 2012: Ryan Villopoto (173cm/5’8″)
  • 2011: Ryan Villopoto (173cm/5’8″)
  • 2010: Ryan Dungey (178cm/5’10″)
  • 2009: James Stewart (170cm/5’7″)
  • 2008: Chad Reed (180cm/5’11″)
  • 2007: James Stewart (170cm/5’7″)
  • 2006: James Stewart (170cm/5’7″)
  • 2005: Ricky Carmichael (168cm/5’6″)
  • 2004: Chad Reed (180cm/5’11″)
  • 2003: Ricky Carmichael (168cm/5’6″) The last 10 champs = 5feet and 8.6 inches

 2Tall Racing produces two different stage ‘Space’ kits for the whole range of KTM and Husqvarna off road motorcycles to fit different size riders. They also produce a ‘Space’ kit for the KTM and Husqvarna 85/105cc for young riders who feel they are not ready for the bigger bike or feel they have a few years left in the 85/105cc class.

Tank spacer
Machined sub frame risers.
New machined handlebar clamps, taller and more forward
Front sub frame riser
Stage 2 MX Space Kit for SXF, XCF Linkage KTM models.

2 Tall Stage 2 Space kit for KTM XC-W/EXC.
2 Tall Space Kit for KTM with a 6’3″ rider aboard. The machine actually fits the size of the pilot!

2 Tall’s  mission is to give taller riders the same chance as smaller riders and to be more competitive in the sport of motocross and enduro. Taller riders will find that they are much more comfortable and less fatigued, resulting in increased safety and overall making the sport we all love so much, that much more fun.


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