2 rounds will change venues

Due to continued decreased water availability the Hungry Valley SVRA district was not going to be able to provide enough water for the WORCS weekends. It takes almost 200,000 gallons of water to prep the WORCS track and Hungry Valley could only promise to provide 50,000. This would make for a very dusty event and undesirable event.

The new venue for that date is On The Edge Raceway in Southern Utah about 2.5 hours North of Las Vegas at 5,500ft of elevation.  The top of the track is much like the Monticello, Ut track but the River section is the highlight. The entire track will be new and Virgin for WORCS racers and bark busters are highly recomended. The entire river is available to us to race through, across or whatever we can dream up. Parking very good and access to the river and local lakes is obtained by just riding your motorcycle or Side by Side to them. Bring your fishing poles and swim suits for a great weekend of family fun at an all new location.

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