On this week’s Two-Stroke Tuesday brought to you by Decal Works we give you the first look at our 1998 FMF Honda CR125 tribute project. Editor Mark Tilley somehow has an abundance of Honda CR125 two-strokes in his garage from about 1997-to-2003 in various states of disarray .  Who remembers the rider of this machine? We packed 2-Stroke Theater full of 125cc projects for your viewing pleasure and we even threw in our 125cc stock shootout for some additional action. If you are a fan of Honda small-bore two-strokes don’t miss the exclusive link at the bottom this page to our CR125 Dream Bike  built by Justin at Motowhips.

The concept for this build came from a bench racing session in the garage and had some influence from last years Red Bull Straight Rhythm event. The bikes of this era had character and we teamed up with some industry leading companies like FMF, Faster USA, Specbolt, Decal Works, Race Tech, Wrench Rabbit, Dunlop, UFO Plastics, Supersprox and ODI to see if we could recreate some of that magic.

Platinum FMF pipes, shorty silencers and carbon fiber immediately take us back to the late ‘1990s. We went one step further replacing a lot of hardware using a complete Nickel Wurks kit from Specbolt that features CNC aluminum washers and bushings. Light Speed is making limited runs of CR125 ignition and clutch covers right now. If you are interested click the link above.

The wheels are from Faster USA featuring their CNC machined billet aluminum hubs, stainless steel spokes, alloy nipples and gold Excel rims. We added Galfer brake rotors, Dunlop MX33 tires and a black Supersprox rear sprocket.

It’s amazing what Vapor Blasting machines can do. A lot of the parts were cleaned up in our Vapor Honing Technologies VH800. This rear brake caliper is over twenty years old but you would never know.

The engine was rebuilt using a complete kit from Wrench Rabbit, we added a VForce reed valve for some additional performance and the Nickel Wurks hardware from Specbolt makes the cleaned up engine cases pop.

Decal Works and Motoseat worked together to make sure the graphics and seat cover lined up perfectly.

We had a blast building this project and it’s mind blowing how many aftermarket parts are available for these late ’90s two-strokes.


If you are a fan of 125cc Honda two-strokes check out this build we did with Justin at Motowhips a few years back. The attention to detail is out of this world! CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW FOR THE FULL STORY.


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