We take a look at our 1997 Honda CR125 project in progress on this week’s Two-Stroke Tuesday brought to you by Boyesen .  Products from Reflex Racing and Fly Racing are featured in this week’s 2-Stroke Hardware while 2-Stroke Theater has four must see videos of premix burning rockets . Don’t miss the exclusive link to our 1990 CR250 at the bottom of this post.

The engine was completely rebuilt internally using a Wrench Rabbit Kit that comes with just about everything needed including gaskets. The cylinder was completely used up and needed to be repaired. The crew at Millennium Technologies took care of that. We decided to go a little bigger and stepped up the bore to 134mm along with some port work. This will be a race gas only machine.

We wanted to change up the look and clamps are tough to find for older builds like this. We had Chris Johnson at San Diego Powder Coating change up the color for us.

We bolted on Boyesen aluminum  black ignition and clutch covers because the stock items had seen better days. The coating on the engine was done by Faster USA and most of the engine bolts were replaced using Spec Bolts Nickel Wurks hardware kit.

We cleaned up the linkage in a Vapor Blasting machine and then rebuilt it using an All Balls Racing bearing kit. The rest of the chassis was powder coated by San Diego Powder Coating. We went with standard white frame and subframe with black swingarm and clamp. We still haven’t decided what plastic colors we are going with yet.



Combining flexibility and durability the Reflex Racing Hand Guards are constructed of 6061 billet aluminum for standard or oversized handlebars adjusting to accommodate widths from 29” to 32”. Each kit includes a pair of inner mounts, guard bars, plastics shields and mounting hardware.
Contact: www.flexracing.com


We do a lot of engine work and the new Fly Racing stand has helped us out of a jam more than once. Affordable and built to handle abuse.
Contact: www.flyracing.com


If you like the Honda 2-Stroke featured on this week’s Two-Stroke Tuesday check out this 1990 CR250 build we did. Click the image below for more.


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