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Once again Nick Lapaglia had much to be happy with at another Vintage race in So Cal. Nick won the 100cc Factory Works Expert class as well as the Vintage 125 Expert classes on a CZ 125. It would be an understatement to say that he enjoys his time on the track.

A large crowd of well-worn motocrossers assembled at Glen Helen Raceway, this June 15th. They were there to toss even more well-worn MX boots across ancient moto-saddles and do battle. The occasion was the 10thannual SoCal Vintage MX Classic, which is put on by former motocross factory rider Scott Burnworth.

The folks behind the success of the SoCal Vintage MX races. Scott and Debbie Burnworth. They, along with a dedicated race crew, helped make this the biggest SoCal Vintage race in ten years. Congrats to all!

            Scott Burnworth, or “Burner” as he was known in his racing days, was the AMA rookie of the year in 1980. He soon had factory rides at Suzuki and Yamaha, with a career spanning over five-years. Today, Scott is a talented graphic designer, doing work for industry and non-industry clients. He is also a part time race promoter, who is blazingly fast and still mixes it up with his fellow competitors out on the track.

Scott Burnworth was AMA rookie of the year in his first pro season and a factory rider at Suzuki and Yamaha in the early eighties. He still loves racing and took home the One Moto Trophee Des team trophy (along with two co-riders) in the team race. The Burner still gets it done.

 “I love racing, always have, and feel fortunate to still be able to swing a leg over a dirt bike,” says Scott. “I also like promoting the sport as well, and these SoCal Vintage MX races got some legs under them now. This is our 10thyear doing this event. I raced four motos out here today and it keeps me plenty busy,” he said hurriedly as he attended to his dual racer and promoter duties.


            What separates Scott from non-racing promoters is his diligence in offering a race program that recognizes the concerns of racers and non-racers alike. Since Scott still races, he understands what they’re looking for, especially in the Vintage racing community. In a word that would be family fun. Something that mom, dad, and the kids all enjoy.

Vintage MX racers still get major thrills jetting off the starting line. It’s like a rerun of the 70’s and 80’s Moto scene.

The racing on the track is still serious business, but if you’re not having any fun then what’s the point? After everything was said and done at this year’s 10th SoCal Vintage MX Classic a verdict was rendered. Everyone had big grins on their faces. That told the story right there.

Sapphire Valadez and Riley Temple were the honorary trophy girls at event and passed out the swag. 

SoCal Vintage MX Classic #10 results:

Trophee Des 2-stroke Team Race (novice, intermediate, expert)

1. J. Snider Nov., J. Schwartz Int., S. Burnworth Exp.

Fast Eddy GP

1. Tim Vasquez-CZ, Novice 1. Ken Wilson Hon Intermediate 1. Chris Moeller Hus Expert

SoCal CZ Challenge Expert

1.Nick Lapaglia-CZ

Mini Unlimited 16+ Expert

1. Bobby Tocco-Hon

Modern 4-Stroke Expert 450cc

1. Zach Vogt-Hon

Revo 60+ Expert 250/500cc

1. Chip Howell-Hon

Revo 50+ Expert 250/500cc

1. Kurt Nicoll-Hon

2-Stroke Open Expert 250/500cc

1. Larry Bauman-Hon

Vintage 250/500cc Expert

1. Micah Davis-Mai

Mod4-stroke Exp Vet 50

1. Goivanni Spinali-Yam

100cc Factory Works Pro

1. Shaun Kalos-Yam

100cc Factory Works Expert

1. Nick Lapaglia-Yam

Vintage 60+ Expert

1. Charlie Richardson-CZ

Revo 125 Expert

1. Scott Burnworth-Yam

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