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June 25, 2014
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Factory Beta’s Cody Webb won The Last Dog Standing Saturday at Glen Helen Raceway, setting himself apart as the one rider who has won America’s three most difficult off-road races. After having won both the King of The Motos and the Tennessee Knock-Out, Webb completed the trifecta with a head-to-head victory over Red Bull KTM’s Taylor Robert. Last Dog Standing is the only extreme enduro that is run by an AMA District Club. The rank and file members of the Prairie Dogs MC laid out a 15 mile course in the hills around Glen Helen that included terrain so difficult that it could only be handled by the world’s best riders. The club also manufactured man-made obstacles like log-filled mud pits, tractor
tires and a unique tunnel maze.
Taylor Robert won the prologue and LDS2.
In order to attract weekend riders in addition to pros, the Dogs came up with a format that had three progressively more challenging races. Over 100 riders showed up for round one, which was difficult in its own right.  Pros didn’t have to ride this round; instead, they had a prologue which was a short infield race for start position in Last Dog Standing Round 2. In this round, the pros and the amateurs were mixed together on a course that had everything, including Last Dog Canyon, which is an infamous downhill that is virtually unrideable. The rocks and cliffs are so steep and sharp that the best riders in the world are forced to bulldog their bikes at points. Riders who finish within 45 minutes of the leader are invited to participate in LSD Round 3, three laps of the same course.
Taylor Robert won the Prologue, and Michael Allen rode a Honda CRF250R motocross bike to the number one spot in the amateur-only LDS Round One. That round was defined by one massive bottleneck that occurred barely a minute into the race. The steel bridge that is used for a spectator crossing during Glen Helen’s National Motocross was fitted with dozens of hanging tires that grabbed and held riders as they tried to cross. That slowed most of the field while 49-year-old holeshot artist Paul Krause and a few others escaped. Allen eventually hunted down Krause, and they were the top qualifiers to proceed to the next round. Other notable riders to advance were Johnny Campbell, Cameron Steele and Jimmy Lewis.
LDS 2 had the riders start in twos, with Robert and Webb side by side. Almost immediately they came to the first of the course changes: a hill that was once used for a National Championship Hillclimb. This hill had deteriorated over years into a rain-rutted mess. Taylor, Webb and a few others cleaned it. After that, it was up to club members to help riders up with hooks and ropes that they had waiting. Robert and Webb gapped the field easily, and at the finish, that order held with Colton Haaker, Kyle Redmond (the2011 winner) and Cory Graffunder following. For the final, they would comprise the first rows of a 21-rider field.
The pecking order changed within minutes of the start of the final event. Robert got off the line ahead of Webb, but crashed hard. He remounted and had a brief battle with Redmond, then settled into a distant second behind Webb.  The gap between first and second grew and shrank from obstacle to obstacle, but it was usually around a minute throughout the race. Haaker was an early casualty with a broken shift shaft. Other riders dropped out voluntarily as the race progressed. Others were determined to go as far as they could, but simply didn’t like certain obstacles.  Quinn Cody, for one, didn’t like the high-dive where riders were literally forced to walk the plank and free-fall 20 feet. He went around it and was penalized.
On the second lap, Webb and Taylor were already passing riders on their first go-around. Most of them were quite pleased with that. Throughout the race, one unlikely rider was doggedly completing section after section. Kale Elsworthy was having a stunning ride with the pros after having qualified from LDS1. In fact, at the finish, he completed all three laps, something only five riders accomplished. Webb won, followed by Robert,  Redmond,  Graffunder and Elsworthy.  Once results are official, they will appear on www.prairiedogsmc.com.
DSC_0425 Provisional Results
1 Cody Webb (Beta)
2 Taylor Robert (KTM)
3 Kyle Redmond (KTM)
4 Cory Graffuner (KTM)
5 Kale Elsworthy (KTM)
6 Mitch Carvoth (Kaw)
7 Michael Allen (Hon)
8 Ty Tremain (KTM)
9 Gary Sutherlin (KTM)
10 Quinn Cody (Hon)
11 Harrison Oswald
12 Robby Bell (Kaw)
13 Michael Aranda
14 Jimmy Lewis
Cody Webb joined the club of LDS winners. Kyle Redmondwon in 2011 and Tayloer Robert won in ’12 and ’13.
DB Editor Ron Lawson in LDS 1.


Dan Dawson makes his way through the tunnel maze.



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