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November 27, 2016
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PRODUCT: The T-6 stainless steel slip-on silencer is designed to provide power gains throughout the power curve and be used with the OEM head pipe. Constructed of stainless steel tubing, end cap and an aluminum canister, the T-6 also features a USFS-approved spark-arrestor system that can be removed when alternating between off-road and closed-course usage.

POSITIVES: Pro Circuit’s T-6 is noticeably shorter and lighter than the OEM silencer. Being USFS-legal with the addition of a spark-arrestor system is always a plus. The ability to remove it when it’s not needed is even better. Performance gains are noticeable across the board with the spark arrestor removed, and with it installed performance gains can be felt down low right off bottom. Pro Circuit’s T-6 slip-on provides a throatier sound and still meets all amateur-racing sound requirements .

NEGATIVES: Power gains are felt but minimal with the spark-arrestor system installed. The spark arrestor can be a pain to remove if the silencer is hot, and you must have an old-school, curved Allen wrench to make it happen.

BOTTOM LINE: We like being able to remove the spark arrestor when it’s not needed. The T-6 has a cool look, provides power gains, has that Pro Circuit signature sound and is rebuildable—all with a price that is friendlier to the old bank account compared to its titanium cousins. Installation was a breeze, and we find that the stainless steel and aluminum construction holds up to the abuse of off-road riding very well.

PRICE: $464.95

CONTACT: www.procircuit.com