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November 23, 2016
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PRODUCT: IRC’s IX09 Gekkota tire is specially designed with a two-ply carcass for flex, and the knobby compound can only be described as “gummy.” The lug design features a large, spaced-out layout that helps clean debris, along with allowing the knobs to flex, bend and grab on a wide variety of terrain. In simple terms, the Gekkota is a hybrid tire that features a trials rubber compound and a motocross tread pattern for maximum traction.


POSITIVES: The nastier the conditions get, the better the Gekkota performs. We rode in everything from dry and dusty to rocky and wet conditions, and the only thing that really changed was how fast the tire would wear out. This tire provides huge amounts of traction, sometimes maybe even too much, making us tone down the amount of throttle applied just so we didn’t end up looping out when going up hills. With a compound so soft, we were also surprised at how long it lasted. With the speeds being slower and the throttle application less, the tire itself broke loose and spun less, so the knobs just ground down instead of chunked off.


NEGATIVES: The Gekkota does not like speed. The two-ply carcass flexes a lot, giving it a feel similar to having a flat tire. pe_irc4Coming into a corner or exiting a corner at high speeds, the rear end does not plant like a traditional tire or break loose like a traditional tire for that matter. IRC only offers the IX09 Gekkota in one size: 110/100/18.

BOTTOM LINE: When used in the proper application, the IRC IX09 Gekkota tire is one of the best on the market. With its two-ply carcass and crazy-soft knobby compound, the Gekkota will find traction on any type of terrain or weather condition. IRC is making tires available to the general EnduroCross racer that a few years ago were only available to factory-level riders. The Gekkota can also be a great transition tire for the off-road guy who can benefit from a trials-type sticky compound but still needs a tread pattern that cleans out fast in sticky, muddy conditions.

PRICE: $121.95, 110/100/18

CONTACT: Your local IRC dealer