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July 18, 2014
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AJP Motorcycles: Handbuilt in Portugal for 27 Years

  Since 1987 AJP Motos have been designing and hand building off-road motorcycles and competing on them. Having relocated to a new and expanded factory in Lousada, Portugal, during 2003, the first of the current generation of bikes was conceived and they have been developed through design and competition ever since.

At AJP USA, our bikes are designed and built with simplicity and durability to the forefront of our intentions. Put together with passion by a small, but very knowledgeable and enthusiastic team of engineers, using top quality components. Essentially they are trail bikes that can race, not race bikes to struggle with on the trail…and our bikes are VERY inexpensive compared to the other European manufacturers who compete in the same market.


ajp enduro racing and jumping

The Passion of the AJP Message:

Passion! The first feeling that comes to mind when I think about what drives me and everyone else at the AJP team.ceo_splash
Conquering new terrain and getting in touch with nature through unknown trails, riding in scenarios that few people, if any, have ever rode before is an unparalleled experience. An experience that appeals to everyone regardless of age and gender.
Surpassing your capabilities and renewing your self-belief is a feeling that can hardly be described, especially when all of it is associated with a joy-ride!

At AJP, we understand this difference, and that is why we design products which delivers this experience to people of all ages without asking their bodies to act like professional athletes. The results of these ideas was the creation of off-road motorcycles that can get you from one point to the other in your everyday trail-rides but can also give any rider a race-like experience if so desired.


Our product range offers motorcycles that feel like they were tailor made, due to our attention to detail and flexibility. I hope you have a chance to enjoy the feelings I am talking about when you ride one of our motorcycles, after all, we are creating enduring experiences.   Antonio Pinto – founder of AJP Motos.



pr3_1600x1200The AJP PR3 – The first well equipped Enduro bike that shorter adults (and even teens) can straddle flat-footed with ease.  The PR3 has almost all the features and benefits of its bigger brother the PR4, but in an even lighter and easier to manage, low – 33 inch seat height package.  Think fully adjustable suspension, electric start, enduro lighting, factory skid plate, handguards, racing exhaust, plus full-size disk brakes all around and you begin to get the idea of how capable this motorcycle really is.  The PR3 can handle the most demanding terrain with ease – the only thing missing from it is you!  The AJP PR series – 2easy2ride……       


pr4_1600x1200The AJP PR4 240 Enduro Pro – The ultimate do-it-all off-road bike.  This motorcycle has it all: a class-leading low seat height, fully adjustable Marzocchi forks and Sachs shock, bullet-proof 240 size engine with factory oil cooler, electric and kick start, hybrid Aluminum/Steel frame, 520 o-ring chain, full enduro lighting, hand-guards, and extended coverage skid-plate.  All these high-end components are mounted to a chassis graced with the shortest wheelbase by far of any full-size enduro bike.  To round-out the packaging – we’ve made the fuel cell opaque to better see the actual fuel level, then moved that cell from its traditional location up high and forward to a lower, more mass centralizing place directly under the rider’s seat.  This move has also enabled us to create a riding compartment with the most narrow seat/tank/shroud junction this side of a Trials bike!  Nimble, Narrow, and Low – that’s the easiest way to get thru the toughest trails.  The AJP PR4 – 2easy2ride!



pr5_1600x1200 The AJP PR5 250 Enduro – Where high technology meets Old World craftsmanship.  Fuel-Injection – the holy grail of motorcycle intake management – This bike has it.  Hand welded and painted frames made in Portugal at the AJP factory – Got it.  Fully adjustable Sachs fork and shock – This bike has those too.  Liquid cooled, 6 speed, tractable enduro-tuned engine – Yup!  Woods ready with factory skid plate, hand guards, and full enduro lighting – Check.  Class-leading short wheelbase for very light and nimble handling in the tightest of trails – an AJP trademark – Got it!  Opaque fuel tank to track fuel level at a glance, plus repositioned tank under the rider’s seat for better weight distribution – Yes we have that too – another AJP trademark.  Factory 2 year limited warranty – an industry exclusive – Of course.  Whatever it is that you need for your enduro riding – the AJP PR5 has it and then some.  The AJP PR5 – Hi-technology hand built in Portugal …..2easy2ride on any trail.





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