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June 18, 2014
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Trail Tech’s fan is thermostat-controlled.

PRODUCT: Trail Tech’s TTV Temperature Switching Fan Kit monitors your KTM’s cooling system performance and automatically activates the fan to keep engine at an optimum temperature range. KTM fits a fan onto their XC-W line (450s and 500s), but not on the 350 lineup or any of the XCs. The fan kit plugs into most KTM harnesses, and you do not have to cut any of the cooling lines.

POSITIVE: The Trail Tech unit was easy to install, and thankfully there was no need to slice into the cooling system, because the temp sensor installs in the back of the radiator. Some of the KTM off-road line comes pre-wired for a fan motor plug-in, but the 450XC-F does not. This presented no drama since the kit comes with a wiring harness with a built-in fuse link. Also, there is a temperature meter that can be adjusted so the fan can be programmed to kick on at a certain temperature. Four self-tapping screws hold the fan bracket in place, and we used a touch of blue Loctite on the screws when installing the bracket.

NEGATIVE: About the only negative we came up with was the fact that KTM didn’t equip the 450XC-F with a fan. Here’s an interesting note: up until two years ago (when none of their machines came with a fan), KTM Hard Parts’ number-one selling item was the radiator cooling fan!

BOTTOM LINE: If your KTM doesn’t have a fan, you like tight and ugly, and your bike is constantly percolating, get a Trail Tech system ($159.95). Ours kicks on constantly when trailing, and since the install, we have not had a boil-over. o

CONTACT: www.trailtech.net


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