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August 17, 2014
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PRODUCT: Leatt’s diversification bodes well for us, the dirt bike guys. Their products range from neck protection to hydration to body armor, and now into the off-road survival arena with their new Tool Belt. Leatt prides themselves on understanding off-road riders, and we built this product for them. During their testing and design, the scariest thing they have found about other tool belts is how many times hard and sharp tools end up sitting right up against your body. They added an HD Polymer shield on the inside of the main compartment and side pockets to help prevent penetration. Another innovation is the waist strap that uses a wide, comfortable Velcro adjustable strap coupled with a thinner-web, nylon, positive-locking connector for a snug fit that stays snug all day.

POSITIVE: At first we weren’t really pumped with the Velcro strap followed by a nylon belt. But just one ride showed the newfound comfort via the wider initial strap, plus the design of the side bags, which tend to distribute the load in the fanny bag. Now that we’re used to the design it fit more snug, has infinite adjustability and is comfy. Inside the tool bag uses a fairly compact pouch that rests against your body. The fold-out toolkit is on the far outside and is rather compact too. It works perfectly for day rides where you need to pack just enough to get the job done, and for $69, the price is the hunt.

NEGATIVE: It is a little tight on room, and Baja-type trips might require a large system to carry more tools and spares.

BOTTOM LINE: We give it a nine out of 10. Superb fit, decent pocket sizing, and quick and dirty adjustability make it a winner. o

CONTACT: www.leatt.com


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