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Fant Files: Atlanta Race Wrap Up (February 26, 2017 7:55 pm)
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Fant Files: Atlanta Race Wrap Up

February 26, 2017
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In 2017 any of these riders have a shot at winning.

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Zach Osborne showed a ton of speed in Minnesota and brought it back to the Georgia Dome. Osborne didn’t hole shot but moved past both Troy Lee Design team mates to take the lead and gain a 7 second lead by the 2:20 remainder mark.

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A tough weekend for the FC Honda team with Craig suffering from a concussion and a huge crash in the whoops. Here RJ Hampshire is on the gas beyond the finish line into the start straight.

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Ryan Dungey having some fun for the fan during opening ceremonies. If you remember around 2007 they used to do a hot lap with some of the top riders. They brought it back for moto-fest in the Georgia Dome and included Ricky Carmichael into the mix.

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Chad Reed was one of the first riders to sky jump the wall into the sand early on in practice. Chad looked great all day until a crash in the whoops during the main event set him back and off the podium chase.


A great way to end racing in the Georgia Dome was the addition of Ricky Carmichael to the hot lap before the night started. Ricky explained the memories he had racing there and it was definitely one of his favorite stops in the series.

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Jordon Smith got off to a great hole shot in the main event. With a small mistake in the whoops, Alex Martin was able to get by him. On the podium Jordon explained he did get a little tight while leading a fierce pack of competitors.

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Marvin Musquin jumping into the sand section and taking some of it with him.


A heat race win for AC this weekend showed that he is still very competitive in the 250 class. Unfortunately in the main event Adam had a tip over after the start straight into a left hand corner. This would keep him off the podium and eventually allow Joey Savatgy to pass him.

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Alex Martin was able to hit the box this weekend with a hard fought 2nd place. You could see the excitement amongst the Troy Lee Designs team as they celebrated a solid finish for Alex.

tilly7 (1 of 1)The riders were getting a face full of sand all night. As they climbed the wall behind riders coming down the backside, roost would fly directly into their face caking the goggles.


The ruts developed all evening in the Georgia Dome. The inside left turn allowed riders to get extremely low on their bikes and get on the gas early for they rhythm.

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Some opening ceremony fun with Marvin Musquin.


A back side view of the sand section entrance with Broc Tickle. Check out the amount of dirt his RCH Suzuki is carrying with him over the hump.


Joey Savatgy didn’t get the greatest start in the main event but was able to salvage points in the championship hunt. He currently sits 2 points behind Zach Osborne in the Eastern Series.


Ryan Dungey was able to gain some ground this weekend by winning the 450 main event and growing the gap from 1st to 2nd. Tomac was on fire through the entire main event and even closed the gap down by around 2 seconds at the end of the race. The next few rounds are going to be great to see what shakes down in the big bike class.