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Flo X-Air filters

Jan 18, 2008Comments off12 Views

 Because they’re hidden within the bowels of the machine, the air filter is pretty much a forgotten cog with a high-end role. While we’re not

’08 KTM 450XC MODS

Jan 17, 2008Comments off9 Views

    Making the rocket more palatable FMF• F2 Racing• Dicks Racing By Tom Webb If there’s an issue with the new KTM 450XC it’s


Dec 21, 2007Comments off9 Views

 Never mind that Honda hasn’t won an important championship since R.C. left the fold. Never mind that the CRF450R hasn’t changed that much in four


Dec 21, 2007Comments off47 Views

 “The riders can’t handle 450s. If everybody was James Stewart, we wouldn’t have this problem. The competition is bad because very few riders can ride


Dec 21, 2007Comments off23 Views

   On paper, the KTM 450SX is one of today’s most successful bikes. It finished second in the Nationals, it basically wreaks a dyno and


Dec 18, 2007Comments off8 Views

 Everyone has heard of Husaberg. Not everyone has seen one and almost no one has ridden one. The company has never made more than 1000

Building The World’s Fastest Dirt Bik...

Oct 30, 2007Comments off9 Views

 This whole thing really jelled because of Malcolm Smith. I started working with him about two years ago when he started using my Power Now

2008 KTM 450XC

Oct 30, 2007Comments off13 Views

In spite of the fact that KTM has owned the off-road world via a truckload of niche-driven hardware designed to occupy every aspect that an

2008 BMW Dirt Bike?

Oct 30, 2007Comments off17 Views

BMW engineers aren’t just thinking about building a full-fledge dirt bike anymore; they’ve done it. Little glimpses and photos of a new German 450 keep

2008 Aprilia RXV 450

Oct 30, 2007Comments off8 Views

    Hearing about it and seeing it are two different things. The Aprilia RXV450 sounds like little more than a technological sideshow on paper;

2008 KTM Baja 690

Oct 30, 2007Comments off8 Views

KTM really tried to come in under the radar with their Baja 690. The machine is based around the SuperMoto 690, which features a fuel-injected

2008 Kawasaki KX250F

Oct 30, 2007Comments off7 Views

They can let the Kawasaki guys dole them out to whichever riders they want, particularly in the 250F class. If you look at a list

2008 Yamaha YZ250F

Oct 29, 2007Comments off8 Views

You would think that Suzuki, Kawasaki, Honda and KTM would show a little respect. You would think that Yamaha would get some morsel of credit


Sep 17, 2007Comments off9 Views

  Honda finally announced its 2008 line to the public at its dealer show, but the press was allowed to see and ride the bikes


Sep 17, 2007Comments off9 Views

KTM’s Baja and Vegas to Reno effort was a testing ground for a new production bike. The Hard Enduro has an all-new motor with an