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February 5, 2017
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Supercross rider Zach Bell proved that talent is talent at the second round of the Maxxis Big 6 series in Taft, California this week. After a rude introduction to off-road racing last month at Adelanto, he came through with a flawless win. Last month’s winner Blayne Thompson led early in the race, then settled into second for the bulk of the 90-minute race. As the race came into its late stages, Thompson came into the pits for a splash of fuel, but didn’t stop at the entrance. He was given a penalty that put him back in sixth overall and cost him the point lead. Ropbby Bell had a quiet ace in second, just ahead of Michael Delfante, who had a break-through race. For the full results, go to www.big6racing.com.

In his secdond off-road race, Zach Bell made good as a replacement for the injurred Colton Udall and the Ox Honda team.
In his second off-road race, Zach Bell made good as a replacement for the injured Colton Udall on the Ox Honda team.
Blayne Thompson lead in the early laps and physically finished second, but incurred a penalty for not stopping at the pit entrance.
Robby Bell was credited with second in the pro class and came on strong in the final laps.
Michael DelFante came alive in this round.
Michael DelFante came alive in this round.
Thompson and Jeff Loop were up front and bar to bar on the first lap.
Thompson and Jeff Loop were up front and bar to bar on the first lap.
Mark Samuels did what he does so well: rode a consistent drama-free race to finish fifth for the Ox team.
Justin Seeds had trouble early in the race and then put his head down and climbed up to fourth overall.
JCR’s Trevor Stewart is still getting used to a 450, but getting faster all the time. He was running well, but had a mousse failure late in the race. He finished seventh.
Dirt Bike Associate Editor Mark Tilley was second in the Vet Experts to Gordon Ward. Ward again rode the 30, 40 and 50 expert classes.
Trevor Hunter had a great race in the Pro 2 class, finishing fourth behind Beau Baron, Mitch Anderson and Nick Stover, but ahead of Cooper Abbott.
Eric Yorba’s tragic luck continued this week. After running third, he suffered problems and spent a half lap in the pits. Eventually, he was thenth.